Each pair of Nikkia Joy Cosmetics eyelashes are lovingly hand made with care. We source the highest quality materials and hair fibers available to give you the most natural and realistic looking lashes possible, at an affordable price.
Please note that all our lashes are hand made and therefore every lash is unique, with small natural variances. Product images are indicative of lash design but there may be small differences between the lash you receive and the lash you see on screen. Each lash is individual – just like you are!
Care Instructions
1. When you are ready to wear your lash gently remove the tray from the box (do not discard plastic tray lid as this will keep your lashes safe between uses.
2. Using your fingers or tweezers gently remove the lashes from the tray. As our lashes have been delicately hand made to deliver the most natural look it is important that you be very gentle when removing them from the tray to avoid damage. We use a small amount of adhesive to attach the lash to the tray for safe transport and storage. This glue may be removed at your discretion.
3. To avoid damage and extend the life of your lashes only apply lash adhesive to the band of the lash. Avoid getting any glue on the lash fibers as later removal can be damaging to the lash
4. Prior to removing your lashes apply a small amount of make up remover to a cotton pad and apply it to the lash band for 10 seconds. This will soften the lash adhesive making it much easier to remove the lashes without damaging them. Remove your lashes gently with fingers.
5. To store your lashes between uses clean off all old lash adhesive and place them back on their tray with plastic tray cover in place. Keeping the lashes in their case will keep them safe and also retain their shape and band curvature for future uses.
    With proper care Nikkia Joy Cosmetics lashes will last up to 15 uses.
    What are the lashes made of?
    All Nikkia Joy Cosmetics lashes are made using the highest quality synthetic materials. Our synthetic and faux mink range are constructed using finely polished and softened synthetic fibers that mimic the look and feel of real lashes. Our 3D silk lashes are made using high quality PBT silk fibers. None of our products are tested on animals or contain animal materials.
    Can I curl my Nikkia Joy Cosmetics lashes?
    Yes!! You can curl your Nikkia Joy Cosmetics lashes the same way that you curl your own! Please use gentle pressure when doing so and avoid the use of heated eyelash curlers.
    How do I customize my lashes to fit my eye shape?
    Each pair of Nikkia Joy Cosmetics Lashes has been designed to be fully customizable. Using a small pair of scissors, gently trim the lash band at either end to customize the width for your eye shape. If you are a beginner we recommend trimming small millimeters of the band off at a time and sizing them against your eye to avoid trimming them too short. The hairs of the lash have been carefully polished and taper towards the end - please do not cut the ends of the hairs as this will result in them looking less natural.
    Perfecting Sponge Care Tips

     - Always ensure sponge is soaked thoroughly before squeezing out excess water before use.

    - Clean sponge regularly. We recommend cleaning the sponge after each use to ensure it remains hygienic 

    - Avoid solid soaps and dish soaps when cleaning as these can damage your sponge.

    - Always store your sponge in a dry well ventilated place away from direct sunlight

    - Do not store sponge in sealed or semi sealed containers

    - Replace your Perfecting Sponge every 3 months for optimum performance (think of it like a toothbrush!)

     Instructions for cleaning your Perfecting Sponge

     1 - Wet the sponge by gently squeezing it under a tap of luke warm running water

    2 - Once the sponge is completely wet add a mild liquid soap (Beauty Sponge Liquid Soap, Castile soap or Baby Shampoo are some good options). Do not use a solid soap as this can form hard lumps in the sponge if not completely washed out. Do not use dish soap as it is too harsh and can damage the sponge.

    3 - By gently squeezing the sponge work in the soap forming a thick lather and freeing any makeup contained in the sponge.

    4 - Place the sponge under luke warm running water again and squeeze gently to completely wash out all of the soap and makeup.

    5 - For heavily soiled sponges steps 2 through to 4 may need to be repeated until sponge is completely clean.

    6 - Gently squeeze out all excess water from the sponge and store in a dry, well ventilated place away from direct sunlight. Do not store sponge in a sealed or semi sealed container until completely dry.